Virtual Drums

Virtual drums come in handy for a variety of reasons. Solo artists that don't know how to play the drums can use them to create backing tracks that are rock solid on time. Improved sampling quality makes them a great choice for recording.

Even drummers can get use out of them. Drum programming software is ideal for writing new beats and trying out patterns to see how they'd fit together behind an acoustic set.

For aspiring drummers that can't afford a new set of drums or an electric kit then virtual drums are the next best thing. They allow you to create beats and learn the basics of drums without having to fork out a bunch of cash for a whole set.

Below you will find links to many different music editing programs and virtual kits that will allow you to create beats, backing tracks, songs and more. You can even find some drum replacement software to get a perfect, professional sounding recording out of your own acoustic drum set recordings.

I've used drumagog (drum replacement plug-in) for a while now on my bass drum. I've never liked how my bass comes through on recordings, but with this plugin, it comes out sounding great and I still get to say, "Hey, that's me" on the recording instead of, "I just programmed the drums".

For help or tips with programming check out my page on Drum Beats.

Virtual Drumsets and Programs

epik virtual drums Drumcore Virtual Drums BeatKangz Virtual Drums BFD2 Virtual Drums Drumagog Virtual Drums Slate Virtual Drums iZotope Virtual Drums Toontrack Virtual Drums Superior Virtual Drums Groove Agent Virtual Drums Discrete Virtual Drums Beatcraft Virtual Drums M Audio Virtual Drums Virtual Drum and Bass Loops Virtual Drum Loops Virtual Rock Drum Loops Virtual Drum Samples Virtual Drums Wavs Digistrike Virtual Drums Digidesign Virtual Drums Reason Virtual Drums

Play Drums Online

If you can't wait for your software to arrive, or you just want to kill some time, you can play the drums on your computer (right now!) with the flash games below:

virtual drums game online drums game virtual drum machine kens virtual drums

Free Drum Machine

I love freebies, so here are a few programs that you can download for free to create patterns, beats and songs.

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