Virtual Drums

If you can't afford a new set of drums or an electric kit then virtual drums are the next best thing. They allow you to create beats and learn the basics of drums without having to fork out a bunch of cash for a whole set. These virtual instrument programs teach you how to count out beats and how to compose musical notation. You can then play back the virtual beat that you created and export it into an audio file.

Below you will find links to many different music editing programs and virtual kits that will allow you to create beats, backing tracks, songs and more. You can even find some drum replacement software to get a perfect, professional sounding recording out of your own acoustic drum set recordings. For help or tips with programming check out my page on Drum Beats.

Play Drums Online

You can play the drums on your computer with the flash games below.

Free Drum Machine

I love freebies, so here are a few programs that you can download for free to create patterns, beats and songs.

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You may also be interested in checking out Electronic Drum Sets for more sound editing options. You can find pads, triggers, samplers, sequencers and more.

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