Steel Pan Drums

These Steel Pan Drums are constructed from sixteen gallon oil drums and include the stand and mallets. This set is similar to many of the Caribbean style tourist pan drums that are more for show than serious steel drum playing.

I really like the looks of the Fancy Pans drums. Their Mini Diatonic Steel Drum shown above produces a big Island sound in a small package. This steel drum is tuned to A 440 with a 1-1/2 octave range. Comes with tabletop stand and mallets. Key of C.

This Soprano Steel Drum includes a full floor length stand and with a wide range of notes (Key of C, G, and F) you'll have plenty of musical applications.

The Fancy Pans Wild Things Pentatonic Steel Drum is a floor style drum intended to be played sitting down. It is sometimes referred to as the Meditation Pan thanks in part to it's rich, deep tones and 5-tone Pentatonic scale.

The Rhythm Band Mini Pan is great for introducing your budding musician to the drumming world. You'll get a stand, sticks and song book, plus the edge is curled for safety. For more children's drums, check out the Remo Rhythm Club.

These Fancy Pans Playing Mallets are based on traditional Caribbean and Jamaican style mallets.

Purchase Steel Drums

Unfortunately, I no longer offer Fancy Pans steel drums. It's a shame because I think they are some of the prettier drums available. You can see what drums are currently available through my affiliates below.

Be sure to check out the Steel Drum Notation. You can also click here for some Free Steel Drum Sheet Music.

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