Marching Snare Drums

Marching snare drums differ from standard snare drums in both design and sound. Marching snares are designed to be played while moving. Special harnesses are made to fit the marching drums and allow the drummer ease of movement.

Since marching drums are usually played outdoors, they are also designed to project and articulate the drums sound more so than standard drum set snares.

The Verve Marching Snare is made from select woods for punchy, explosive sounds.

These marching drums showcase a new throw off design featuring "B.S.A." Bilateral Snare Adjustment technology (patent pending) New Aluminium and "G.F.L." Glass Filled Nylon components for added strength and reduced weight.

The Pearl Competitor Marching Snare has an 8-ply mahogany shell rich in upper harmonics for enhanced presence. 2.3mm steel hoops are lightweight with great strength and durability. High-tension FFX aluminum alloy edge ring allows super-high pitched Kevlar heads to be installed on the drums.

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For marching band drummers Adam Percussion offers 14"x10" Snare Drums with drumsticks and marching straps.

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Drums also available in black.

High quality drums, medium tension marching tenor snare drums feature laminated wood shells with white exterior covering 2.3mm hoops. Full Length Lugs. Supplied with webbed sling and marching carrier bar.

Designed to withstand today's super high tensioning while at the same time assuring perfect snare alignment and maximum snare sensitivity. Additional features include: 12" x 14", totally free-floating lugs, strainer, and mounting bracket, lightning strainer, 12 tuning posts, 14 individually adjustable synthetic gut snares, 6 acoustically located air vents, rod and snare guards, quick-release snares.

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