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(Muscle Strength)

Welcome to my free online drum lessons. If you are a new drummer, you'll want to see my free online Beginner Drum Lessons. And for those of you looking to build upon your current skills, you'll want to check out my Advanced Free Online Drum Lessons.

This free online lessons main focus will be on muscle strengthening exercises. The lessons here can be used with the other methods found on my Drum Practice page. This method focuses less on the exercises used than it does on the way you hold the drumstick. The photos below will show you step by step, how to maximize your muscle usage during practice.

First, place the butt end of your stick in the middle of your palm. Learn more about the anatomy of a drumstick in this free online lesson covering Drum Stick Size.

Next, curl your bottom three fingers around the bottom of the stick and place your index finger and thumb on the sides.

With your palm down in the playing position, your index finger should be on top of the stick, and your thumb on the side. Make sure you hold the stick tight, you don't need a death grip, but you want to make sure it's not bouncing around in your hand. But please don't use this grip for actually playing the drums. This is only for "feeling the burn" so to speak. I did a free online lesson on How to Hold Drumsticks that covers the proper ways to hold your sticks.

What this grip does is eliminates any rebound from the drum head, which means, you're going to have to do all the work yourself. No bouncing! If you do this just playing straight 8th or 16th notes, you'll start feeling the burn in no time.

This is a great way to practice certain Drum Rudiments like the single stroke roll, where us drummers often find ourselves cheating and letting the rebound do the work for us. For a real workout, try adding a PILLOW as covered in these free online lessons on Fast Drumming.

See More Drumming Techniques.

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