First Act Discovery Drum Set

The First Act Discovery drum set line includes more than just drumsets. They have plenty of instruments that develop creativity and teamwork as well as helping children to learn the rhythmic foundations of music. Their line of electronic drums are great for solo artists, but for those budding social musicians, you may want to try the Band In A Bucket pack.

Unfortunately, I can no longer offer the Discovery line of drum sets and instruments, but here are a few reviews of their various products from customer that had bought from them previously.

Band In A Bucket:I was searching for a musical set that was inexpensive yet had actual musical benefit - unlike so many plastic sets that have annoyingly loud, off-pitch sound no matter how you play them. This set has real instruments sized for little hands and helps them to hear proper musical sound. Our children really enjoy this toy and I would buy First Act products in the future once our kids become able to enjoy other instruments.

Discovery 4-Piece Set:I purchased this as a gift for my nephew, and he LOVES it!!!!

great set, very nice harmonica (way sturdier than other kid-versions) my son did break the tambourine by hitting it with the drum sticks...oops

Junior Drum Sets

While I don't currently offer First Act drums anymore, there are other manufacturer's that offer junior drum sets for kids starting out behind the drum set:

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