Drum Add Ons

Drum add ons are a cost effective way to upgrade your kit. When I bought my first brand-new drum set, I didn't have the cash to spend on a huge 7-piece kit with 15 cymbals.

But, over time, I was able to purchase little add ons here and there and build a pretty sweet kit.

If you bought an entry-level set there are a few ways to build up your set. Many companies produce shell pack upgrades and offer bass drum upgrades or just additional toms.

bass drum add ons

Above is an upgrade pack from Mapex. These types of add ons come with a bass drum, a mounted tom, and a floor tom.

They are ideal for either expanding your current kit into a double bass drum set or for replacing entry-level drum shells.

tom drum add ons

Another option is to buy a tom pack. I've been considering this option for a while now. I'm unhappy with the size of my toms (size matters!) and would like to get them up off of my bass drum and mount them to a stand (or rack) over the bass.

drum hardware add ons

Cymbals aren't cheap. I try to buy one or two a year to either replace worn out cymbals or to add to my existing set. To do that, you'll need hardware like clamps and mounts for existing stands.

Add Ons

Here are a few ideas of ways to add to your drumset. For cymbal upgrades and hardware use the link above.

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